Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crunchy grass

Andrew has been having fun with the frosty fall mornings, playing in the "crunchy" grass.  There have been a few times now, where he peeks out his window & upon noticing that the grass has frost on it, gets dressed & heads right outside.
Then we get to wait, watch, and see what he writes or makes:

All finished!
It's been fun to see what he creates.  We've had football goal posts, and score boards; Andrew's name and a few other pictures. 

Apple Orchard

We made our annual apple orchard trip again this year.  The kids love going to the orchard.   Between tasting the apples, climbing on the hay bales, duck races, and apple doughnuts they are always a little less energetic when we leave.

First stop upon arrival was the "How Tall This Fall?" scarecrow:

Mikey (good luck getting him to stand still)

Look at those cuties!
On top of the hay bales
The kids love the duck, water pump area.  I think they could spend hours here if we'd let them. 

Everyone enjoyed the visit, and also enjoyed the apple crisp that we made with some of the apples. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jenna starts Kindergarten!

After much waiting, it was finally time....Jenna got to hop on the bus & head to school.  She was soooo excited! 

After all the pictures, it was time to head over to the bus stop:

All smiles on the bus!
 We went to school to take pictures of her there too (parent paparazzi as the staff kindly refers to the kindergarten parents).  Here she is at school:
Arriving at school & still all smiles

Unloading her backpack

Ready to head in to her classroom
Jenna & her teacher

Putting in her lunch selection on the smart board

All smiles after her 1st day of school
She had a great 1st day of school, and was all smiles with lots to say about how great her 1st day was when she got home.  We took the kids out to eat after a successful week at school for Andrew & 1st day of school for Jenna; they got to pick dessert too!  Mikey was sad to see Jenna hop on the bus, and cried, which was cute. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2nd grade

Andrew started 2nd grade this year.  He has a great teacher, and is really enjoying school.  Here are some pictures of his 1st day.

Andrew (2nd) & Jenna (K)
showing off his toothless smile
 After getting off the bus, he was ambushed by a water balloons & then run thru the sprinkler!  He was laughing so hard, it was great. 
Since he was the only one that started school (Kindergarten started on a different day) he got to pick supper out, so we had spaghetti and meat balls; one of his favorites.  I also tested out a new dessert - giant s'more chocolate chip cookies, which were a big hit.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Labor Day weekend

Since school started after Labor day this year, we were able to squeeze in one last trip to the lake.  The weather was amazing  and the kids got in some additional swimming time.

Watching the big kids


 This year we took the kids to Itasca State Park so they could see the headwaters (or head quarters as they kept referring to them).  They had fun playing in the Mississippi, and walking down it.

Pausing for a picture on the trail
At the Mississippi Headwaters (we had to take the classic picture...guessing most/all that have visited, have this picture)
Crossing the Mississippi!
Mikey & Dad crossing the Mississippi

Playing in the water
 Bruce & the kids walked down the Mississippi (while I pushed the stroller on the trail).  They had fun, and it was fun to see (& hear) them everywhere the trail crossed the river.

All done walking the river.
 Once back at the resort, the kids had all kinds of fun fishing, swimming, kayaking and playing with their new friends. 
Jenna & Dad taking the double kayak for a spin with Andrew
 We also got to help Grandpa Russ celebrate his birthday while up there. 
Happy Birthday!

Clapping for Grandpa (he blew out all the candles)
Andrew with his fish
Jenna with her fish
 On the way to the lodge there is a turtle pond.  By the time we were there it was down to 1 turtle, the rest had escaped.  Mikey enjoyed checking on the turtle every chance he got.

Craft time with Grandpa & Grandma
The Fullerton boys

Pool fun

With the warm weather this year that lasted into September we were able to enjoy the pool a little longer than last year.  Here are some shots of the fun from the last few weeks the pool was up.